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Welcome to Sann .. a beautiful minimalistic timeline oriented blogging theme .. like no other! Share your thoughts, photos, videos and everything else you would like to share in a beautiful way.

Timeline oriented and grid-based — The minimalistic grid-based layout is built around a trendy timeline, while posts are being shuffled accordingly creating a playfull yet awesome overall feel.

Post formats — A bunch of post-formats are supported for you to use and abuse: standard, link, quote, status, images, gallery, audio & video.

All-about-the-blog — Sann is all about blogging and nothing else!

Styles drop-down menu — Out with shortcodes and in with the styles drop-down menu! Styling your posts has never been this easy. See directly how your posts get styled in the Tiny MCE Editor while you’re publishing. No more messing around with complicated shortcodes and all the madness that comes a long with it. The styles drop-down menu supports: buttons, toggles, pull-quotes, alerts, columns, v- and x- lists and text-highlighting. Check out what you can do with the styles drop-down menu.

So what are you getting exactly when you purchase Sann? Here’s a couple of awesome features you get to go nuts with when you reasons for you to buy Sann:

  • Timeline oriented and grid based
  • Beautiful minimal design
  • Adaptive design (desktop and mobile)
  • WordPress 3.4+ ready (including menu’s, featured images and post-formats that are supported since WordPress 3.1)
  • Custom Theme options (general, header & footer, style, blog, contact and social)
  • Custom fonts (Google webfonts)
  • Custom accent colors (easily add your own touch!)
  • Bunch of custom widgets (including a Twitter widget and a Social widget)
  • Bunch of custom page templates (archives, full-width and contact)
  • Full localisation support (.po/.mo files are included)
  • Layered PSD files (for customisation purposes)
  • Well documented (just incase)
  • Much more..

In the words of Johnny Drama: “Sweet bro!”

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