Cibo Waterfront Cafe

Address: 339 Waterfront Dr, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0G8
Phone: (204) 594-0339

Had a really good meal at Cibo on Waterfront Dr. Yes, I know parking sucks down there and the nice man in the suit pants made that clear when he told us we couldn’t park in the nice little parking lot next to the restaurant; “it’s for hotel guests only!”. I’m sure he gets sick of telling people that and my response “hotel? What hotel” I am sure aged him a little.

I dropped off the girls and went to find parking. On my way in I saw our party on the patio and my first response was “nice patio” and “I don’t eat outside”. Big thanks to Mike for making the reservation though because this place was packed and it was all they had. I sucked it up.

Menu was reasonably priced. We ordered some wine and our meals right away because Mike and the ladies needed to make the Garth Brooks concert. I ordered “The Strip” (shown above), basically a steak sandwich with a mushroom sauce on top. I also ordered the side Caesar salad because the menu made me think it would be really good.

Right after ordering the wind picked up and things were flying all over the place. People food as it was coming out the door was being blown off the plates and water glasses spilling on tables (another reason besides bugs, sun, heat, and smokers why I don’t eat outside). We tried moving to another location outside but it wasn’t before long our waitress offered us a table inside with the smart people.

The restaurant is a really cool old pump station on the Red. If I knew I was going to write about it I would have took more pictures. It would be a really cool place to have an event like a wedding reception or something like that. The food was really good. The steak was surprisingly nice. The red wine mushroom sauce on top seemed really overpowering at first but combined with the bread and the steak really went nice. Not impressed with the Caesar though. I like a nice creamy homemade dressing and this one was very vinegar based. Tara seemed to like it though so I will chalk it up to taste.

No time for dessert on this night out, maybe next time.

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