Fathers Day Covid Classic

Hockey ended abruptly and as reality sets in the more I miss hockey and more specifically the guys who make the Sunday game what it has become. This is my attempt at getting us together outside the zoom chat. I think it would be really cool to make this an annual thing too that can grow into something really cool by adding to it.

The first one is this Saturday (June 20) starting at 2pm. I figure more people will be busy on Sunday and you can come to play for a couple of hours and still get out to dinner at 5-6 PM. In my experience planning this type of thing it’s best just to set a time and date and whoever can make it, will make it.

I scoped out Winakwa CC (980 Winakwa Rd) and they have a full rink that is paved and enclosed (less ball-chasing) with nets available (no hauling nets). We may or may not have goalies but there will be a shooter tutor and targets available. I am working on equipment if anyone wants to try it out.

Please contact me and let me know if you are coming, or just show up! I will be there regardless. Some guys like to know who is coming before they commit so if I have some numbers in advance that would be awesome.

Hope to see you there…