Apples Are Coming

Finally a nice weekend to be outside. It’s starting to feel a lot like summer and with a month of school left Shan and I are already getting the summer cleaning out of the way so we can enjoy a little time with the girls.

This weekend flew by. Helped Ponch move on Saturday to their new place in Oakbank. Such a nice place, I am so happy for them. The winter has taken it’s toll on me and I woke up on Sunday feeling like I spent the day in the gym. Or at least what I think that might feel like. I wonder if Brey was sore?

After the move I picked up Lex and we went to get the camper while Ashlyn was napping. We got the air conditioner fixed so that I could be more patient and fun to be with while camping. I also got to some yard work and got the central air unit cleaned out and ready to go. So I could be more patient and fun to be with while at home.

Lexi and I went to see “Epic” today. Great movie and it was great to get out with her and just hang out. It seems awful that we have have been slipping out while Ashlyn is napping but it’s the only time I can give her 100%. Those of you with 2 young kids know exactly what I am talking about. So often I find myself torn between the girls and Lexi usually gets the short end. Ashlyn still needs so much extra focus that I find it hard to play with Lexi properly and still take care of Ashlyn. As soon as we get into something I am breaking character to change a diaper or discourage Ashlyn from some kind of bodily harm. Or she just jumps into play and the girls fight over the pink stroller or the shopping cart.

That being said Lexi deals well. She usually just keeps on playing and checking in with me every 30 seconds.

“Are you playing daddy? Are you ready to play again daddy?”

Ashlyn is doing really well in her big girl bed. She is going to bed good and sleeping in a little. Super happy for her. She is talking so much now too. At times she won’t stop, mostly in the car. We just smile and nod a lot. The funny thing is that as soon as someone else is around she goes mute! Shan jokes around about picking up hitchhiker on the way to CGY this summer just to keep her quiet!

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