Netflix Double Billing

Just the other night Shannon noticed that we were being double billed by Netflix. I logged on to the site and noticed that our billing history showed charges coming off our credit card on the 27th of every month. On our CC statement we were also being billed on the 3rd of every month so I chatted with support to see what was up.

The first thing they asked me was if I have a YOPmail account. A quick internet search uncovered that YOPmail is a temporary and disposable email account service. I assured Netflix support that I didn’t have a YOPmail account and they informed me that I had 2 active accounts and that they would close the YOPmail one.

I asked how this happened and they quickly assured me that the other account was now closed and that they have flagged my CC somehow so that no new accounts can be opened with it. Here is basically how the rest went down…

ME – “Yes but how did this happen?”

SA – “Rest assured Mr. Peever the other account is closed and you will be refunded the 2 months that were charged.” the agent was quick to say.

ME – “Well actually it’s 3 months but I don’t see any other charges to my CC. It seems strange to me that someone stealing my CC information would just use it to pay $14 for Netflix each month. How did this happen?”

SA – “Your refund with be $13.99 times 2.”

ME- “Actually it should be 3 months as I will already billed on the 3rd of this month from the fraudulent account that you just closed.”

SA – “I have put in for your refund and it will take about 30 days to process. Just about enough time for you to forget all of this…”

My thoughts are that Netflix does this on purpose. I think they use YOPmail to create additional accounts for people and charge their CC on a different billing cycle in hopes that they don’t notice. I think that those who do notice quickly are instantly refunded a month less than they should be refunded and Netflix makes a tonne of cash on that extra month. I think people who don’t notice for a long period of time need to pursue the issue with the CC people to get their money back and Netflix keeps the extra cash they made double billing the customer until they noticed.

I believe all of this because I don’t believe that someone steals CC information only to steal Netflix once a month for $14.

Whatever you believe, check your CC statements if you’re watching Netflix.

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  • Just got off phone with Netflix for second time about credit card being charged since February 2020 and Cox account at same time. Netflix bills Cox communications, Cox bills us and pays Netflix. Netflix has no record of the $12.99 a month that Cox paid them. They only have record of the $14.22 that they were charging my credit card. So I lost the $12.99 a month since February 2020. They could offer no refund. I realize I should have caught it before now but that really isn’t the point.

  • Netflix doubled-billed me for February, 2024 – they charged my credit card $17.08 on Feb. 22 and again on Feb. 23rd. They denied that they had double-billed so I cancelled my account. Comcast does this as well. We need regulation of these greedy Internet companies!

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