Peeves July 30

Sometimes I am grumpy, you should be too.

Wire Brushes

I have been seeing all these posts on my important Facebook feed about people being rushed to the hospital with pieces of wire lodged in their esophagus. Turns out cleaning your BBQ with those wire brushes is now unsafe. It only took 40 years of my life and access to social media for me to find this out. I blame the dollar store. I think people are buying these $3 ones at the Dollar Store and they are falling apart just enough to make your hot dog lethal. Buy a good one if you need to use this useless tool. Crumpled up tinfoil does the same thing and people with all kinds of time on their hands have yet to let us know the foils of foil.


The cost of pistachios is outrageous. I know they come from Central Asia but how many times do we need to pay for shipping on these things? Are we paying to have these picked by the bag. I decided to treat myself for my birthday so I ordered some online because things are usually cheaper on Amazon. Fingers crossed I get them in time!

I didn’t really order these because I like being married.

Ashton Kutcher

Has no business on Shark Tank. That’s like Kevin O’Leary sitting around the circle in Forman’s basement telling jokes. It just doesn’t make sense. Just because you have lot’s of money to invest doesn’t mean you’re a shark. I am sure to his credit he is very business savvy but he is a flounder among sharks. Let’s be real, Kelso – stay in your lane.

Cigarettes Out Car Windows

I get that nobody wants a stinky cigarette butt in their car but if it doesn’t stop you from smoking in there then deal with it. When I see someone flick a lit cigarette from a moving car I think low class. When it’s the car in front of me and it hits my car I feel like catching up to that vehicle, getting in, and cutting my toenails in the passenger seat.

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