Vern 5.0

It’s a big year for 50’s and what better way to start things off than with Scott Vernon!

I started hanging out with “Vern” in grade 11 or 12. We had a couple of classes together that we often skipped to go driving around in his Mom’s Nissan Pulsar NX. He showed me how to “bang shift” in that little red chick magnet with the T-Tops off. Shifting gears without the clutch for all you perverts reading this. We listened to Bootsauce full blast and drank slurpees (go figure).

Hanging with Vern came with all kinds of perks like afternoons by the pool and talking to girls way out of my league. After highschool he got a job at the Canad Inns and was literally our ticket to U4IA. I remember we would be getting to the bar late and seeing lineups out the door. We would ask for “Mr. Vernon” at the front desk and soon after Scott would be leading through the kitchen and into the club. He always took care of his friends and still does.

In fact, Scott’s parent’s used to own a Sooters Photography and it wasn’t uncommon for him to come in with friends for some professional portraits. This was a little before my time but it’s a pretty good indicator that Scott takes his friendships quite seriously.

One of the original members of the Three Pistols Vern might be one of the best hockey players I have ever played with. Hands all day and it often looks like he isn’t even trying. My favourite is waching him double tap the puck with the toe of his stick before unleashing a howitzer slapshot. Classic!!

It was actually at one of Scott’s birthdays (maybe his 28th?) that I was first seduced by my wife at the Tiajuana Yacht Club.

It’s been 36 years of friendship and now we share Dad stories and meet up for the occassional plate of wings when life permits us. Some might even say we work together.

January 12th, 2024 – Happy 50th Vern, it was a pleasure and an honour to celebrate with you.

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