Address: 637 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3M 0W3
Phone: (204) 615-7423

Managed to pop in to Bisita this weekend to see my buddy Rod. He owns the “Pimp my Rice” food truck you have likely seen around the city has parlayed that into a restaurant. It’s called Bisita meaning: guest, visitor.

It’s a great little spot on Corydon with a nice little patio (for the freaks who like to eat outside) and the food is amazing. Roddy started us off with a little “Lumpia Shanghai” which I highly recommend. Basically a Filipino-style spring rolls filled with minced pork and mixed vegetables, drizzled with sweet soy. We also had another version of this with a sriracha mayo that was also delicious with a bit more heat (shown above).

Shan ordered “Okoy” which is Deep-fried shrimp, kamote (sweet potato), and bean sprout fritters, served on a bed of leafy greens. It was really good too and another person at our table commented that she “doesn’t usually like this type of thing, but this one is good”. I tried a little and it was yummy but I usually stay away from shrimp. Of course I had to try the “Adobo chicken wings” and found them to be a nice change from the usual. So good.

Bisita  Adobo Chicken Wings

Bisita Adobo Chicken Wings

We finished with the “Lechon Kawali” – A 24-hour brined pork belly is braised then fried. This was my attempt at something adventurous. It was good I’m the guy who peels all the fat from a slice of prime rib. The others liked it, but again not my taste.

I am not an expert on authentic Filipino cuisine but it was damn good. A solid 9/10 for me and we will certainly be back. Also it was great to see one of the original Gwoods so happy and doing so well for himself. Nice to see you old friend you cook something fierce.

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