Summer Preview

This was a tough year at school and summer could not come fast enough.

Right out of the gates the Tim, Les, and kids are over for a couple days of just hanging out. Water fights, take out, and sleeping on the trampoline; what’s better than that? We even took in the new water park in Transcona on Sunday and it was awesome. I highly recommend it but be sure to bring your thick skin. I think 2 mins there and Ashlyn was being yelled at from across the pool for dipping her toe into the deep end. They have some really good slides for the kids and lots of seats with umbrellas for drying off. I think it was under $15 for the family too.

Took in the Massey Park Fireworks again this year. It never disappoints. It’s also nice to have Al, Larissa, and Haddon in the neighborhood now. They came over and then we just walked over. I love the community of this event. Everyone just hanging out listening to tunes and kids playing with the parents. Fireworks are always stellar and I know they collect all kinds of food and donations for Harvest. Great event.

Monday Joel had his annual Canada Day Swimfest. Always a good time over there and I think Ashlyn and Lexi were in the pool the entire time. Thanks to Joel and Jen for another great day.

Today would be our official first day of holidays. It was spent doing laundry and hanging out with kids who are already bored. Kids who would argue that Tim Hortons has a better grilled cheese than the one I make. It may have been their way of getting me to take them to Tim’s for lunch. Either way, they were sadly mistaken. We have the dentist this week and Lexi’s soccer windup on Saturday. After that it’s off to Blue Lake for a week to start off the summer of travel. We plan on taking in Calgary, Drumheller, Banff, and Edmonton. For camping we only have Blue Lake and Hecla booked so far. Should be another great summer to remember.

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