HHTH 2022

Fundraising time!

The reality is that each player MUST raise $500 to take part in the tournament. You donate on my behalf and I get to have all the fun. I get to spend the better part of a working day playing hockey with my friends and whooping it up in the dressing room. It sounds pretty selfish when I hear myself say it out loud. But…

Last year our team alone raised over $10,000 for Winnipeg homeless and this year we are hoping to top that. The tournament provided over $150,000 of resources to support local shelters and is back to do the same in 2022. Our team raised well over the required amount and each player made a personal donation as well. We also collected 3 bags of clothing including 8 winter jackets along with another box of daily essentials. We do not take the cause lightly.

On December 16th, I hope to be participating in the 3rd Annual Hockey Helps the Homeless Winnipeg Tournament, raising awareness and funding for 3 very deserving local homelessness support agencies. To do so I need your support.

Tax receipts will be issued upon receipt of the donation for all gifts $25 and above.

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